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As with all forces of nature, the music and energy created by The Next Generation Leahy simply cannot be contained. The drive to create music is powerful within each of the Leahy children. It has given rise to multi-instrumental talents, whose dynamic live performances have been described as “astounding” and “breath-taking.”

For the last several years, Next Generation Leahy has performed across North America, and shared the stage with the likes of The Chieftains, We Banjo 3, The Tenors, and Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy.


Belying their young ages, these siblings are all accomplished multi-instrumentalists whose live performances are filled with the high-energy, infectious music associated with the Leahy name. However, not content to play only the music of their Celtic heritage, these musicians explore many genres of music and pull influences from far and wide. Fiddle, cello, French accordion, singing, piano, and French-Canadian step-dancing serve to bring their unique style of music to life.


The music that lives in each of these young people - which is so joyful, so positive, and so rare – overflows from them and affects audiences who have witnessed something truly unique and remarkable.


The Next Generation Leahy is:

Adele – fiddle, piano, step-dance, vocals
Gregory – drums, fiddle, accordion, piano, step-dance, vocals 
Angus – guitar, fiddle, piano, step-dance, vocals
Cecilia – fiddle, piano, step-dance, vocals
Joseph – accordion, bass, fiddle, step-dance, piano, vocals
Evelyn – vocals, bass, fiddle, step-dance, piano

Friday, April 12, 2024

L'Assomption, Quebec

Friday, April 19, 2024

Ottawa, Ontario

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Ottawa, Ontario

Tour Dates


Phone: (705) 313-2341



Canadian Bookings

The Next Generation Leahy

Doug Leahy

(705) 313-2341 (c)

United States Bookings

Live Arts and Attractions, Inc. Nashville, TN
Mark Ross 
(615) 581-5233 (o)
(629) 333-0296 (c)


Quebec Bookings

Bam Agency
Vincent Beaulieu 
1-866-686-7811 ext 201


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